My Sexy Secret Life

Life is good

So I’m settling into this new way of living now. I met up with a good friend last night and we talked about the strangeness of living two different lives. My day job is actually going really well at the moment, lots of things are happening and finally after months and months of feeling like nothing was going to change and I would never make a difference things are really changing and I am now much in demand! In the meantime my new boss (who I love!! how often can you say that about your manager!!??) is busy mentoring me, encouraging me and supporting me with further training in order to get my next foot up the ladder asap.

But that’s not the whole story. As I said before now I am living a double life. A life which means I don’t have to worry about every penny I spend and also, actually my clients are lovely, sweet guys who not only give me a great deal of pleasure they are sponsoring me to have everything I ever wanted. I am an independent soul and these days, to be perfectly honest I doubt I will ever want or need a relationship in the conventional sense. Not that I don’t value friendship because I do – I adore my friends and lovers, I just very much enjoy my own company. This has always left me at a financial disadvantage in the past as I have always preferred to give my best for a little while rather than my everything, best, worst and indifferent in the long term, which for me at least has been my experience of relationships.

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