My Sexy Secret Life

A lovely way to spend a saturday

A dream so hot and horny ended to find me awake, wet and panting, my fingers already between my legs. A quick look at the clock – 6.30am – a question what day? A day I am once again late for work after pleasuring myself or a day in which to dedicate to pleasuring myself? Mmmm Saturday. Yes! A day to dedicate to pleasuring myself. A quick hard orgasm then more rest, in order to have the energy for this weekends activities.

Later I rise and have my favourite breakfast – coffee and smoked salmon, with lots of lemon and black pepper. The fridge is full of my favourite fruit – I will need my energy today. I take a long bath in exotic oil, followed by all over moisturiser leaving my skin sexy and smooth.

Off to meet my client. Black stockings, suspenders, lace dress, push up bra, toys in hand bag along with massage oil, condoms and lube to ease my clients cock deep into my tight arse. This client is such a sweet heart and he makes me feel so special. He puts the toys in my bag to good use. Fucks me in the arse, hard, twice, cums inside me, just a thin skin of rubber preventing him from filling me. He makes me cum, hard, four times. Mmmm. In between the orgasms I give him a massage. I love to see him float away and relax (as well as looking forward to bringing him right back to earth with a big bang!).

After seeing my client I return home and spend a few hours practising on my webcam. Some trusted friends watch and give me feedback, helping me work out the best angles to do some really great web shows.

I have had such a great day!!

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