My Sexy Secret Life

Breaking the news….

I tend to have a fairly honest relationship with my two younger sisters and when I first told them about what I was doing they weren’t too happy. Alot of people say why tell them? They don’t need to know..well that’s true, but they tend to sense when I’m ‘up to something’ and worry more.

The way I broke it to them, and it was a way that that they were happy with and stopped them from worrying (mostly anyway) was to describe how lovely my clients are and I shared one situation in particular….

When I first met, lets call him ‘John’ I asked him what he liked to do, and with no hesitation at all he said “well, what I most like to do is make women cum” I think he was my third ever client. I couldn’t believe it! But he really does love to make me cum and I love to make him cum – he really is a lovely man, I always look forward to seeing him, he is a very kind and genuine person, he makes me cum and cum but I worry he’ll give me a heart attack…if any doctors are reading this please reassure me that too many orgasms can’t kill you….;-)

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