My Sexy Secret Life

Sexy Saturday Fun

I arrived first at the hotel, booked in then took a long bath scented with rose. I was really looking forward to meeting my client. It had been a very busy week work wise and couldn’t wait for some fun and really letting go.

My guy arrived and he was chatty and fun – great to talk to but I had other things on my mind….it wasn’t long before we kissed and he unzipped my dress revealing my naked breasts, a black lacy corset and barely there knickers that didn’t stay on for long 😉 he licked and sucked my highly responsive nipples, I was getting wetter and wetter and I really needed to cum. Thankfully he sensed this and he buried his face between my legs, licking me with an intensity which gave me the orgasm that I so desperately needed.

I recovered in his arms and then returned the favour, enjoying sucking his cock and balls until he filled my mouth with cum…mmm 😉 That wasn’t the end of our fun and I had a great time, he was lovely to talk to and very, very naughty 🙂

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