My Sexy Secret Life

A very naughty man..

I have been feeling extremely horny over the last 24 hours and luckily for me a regular of mine was able to help me release some of my sexual tension, flooring me with at least two orgasms that left me unable to move. He loves to use my toys on me and has a naughty penchant for dp – he loves to stimulate my pussy AND my arse to the point where I am beside myself and have to play with my clit, or I fear that I will be driven to madness! We finished our play with his cock up my arse, both cumming hard.

I am switching my work gradually from employment to self employment – I am learning a lot!! I went part time in my day job this week and it’s been lovely to have more time. I’m back to ‘school’ next month and looking forward to being a student again, albeit a part time one. I do have to produce course work and do an exam though! It’s been a while since I have needed to do that!

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