My Sexy Secret Life

This time last week

This time last week I was on the train home after a very lovely time spent with a lovely client. He picked me up in a vintage car (I have a real passion for vintage cars) and his gorgeous blue eyes had me wet in an instant.

He drove me through the Kent countryside and I couldn’t wait to get to our destination! We finally arrived and he poured me a glass of chilled white wine. I took a few sips but I couldn’t wait long to kiss him – after all I had been thinking about it for the entire car journey (amongst other things!) and it wasn’t long before he slipped his fingers into my wet, knickerless pussy.

He led me upstairs to a bed made up with crisp, white sheets. I needed to have his cock between my lips and it wasn’t long before he rewarded me for my efforts with a mouth full of cum mmm..

After some time sharing stories in each others arms he was hard again and I climbed on top of him, taking so much pleasure riding his cock. I wanted to make him cum again. I climbed off licking his balls and sucking his cock until he once again filled my mouth with cum. It was very lovely. Then he drove me back to the station and said during our goodbyes that I might see him again.. I really hope I do….:-)

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