My Sexy Secret Life

Sexy Lady

Tonight I met with a sexy lady artist in Chelsea, a sweet and sexy blonde with a dominant streak and gorgeous small and perky breasts which hung like tear drops from her slender frame. She took me to an exclusive wine bar in high street ken’ where we shared a bottle of fine white wine and both confessed to not wearing a shred of underwear between us. When the bottle was drunk there was no need to ask questions – we both knew that I would be joining her in her bed.

She hailed a black cab and soon I was safely inside her luxury apartment. We shared champagne and kisses on her balcony quickly leading us to find somewhere more private. Luckily her bedroom wasn’t far away and we teased each other slowly – massaging each other with erotic scented oils. After all our flirting it wasn’t long before we got more intimate, sliding her double ended dildo between our thighs. With our legs wrapped round each other we rode ourselves to simultaneous orgasm and then dozed in each others arms. We gave our private goodbyes of long deep kisses within her flat and she sent me home in a taxi with a smile….I love my life!!

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