My Sexy Secret Life

End of the day job in sight!

I am so excited!!! After an extended leave period my day job finally ends, freeing me up to do all the things that I really want to do. I have several businesses which I haven’t had time to focus on fully and I can’t wait to be my own boss.

Working as a project manager in a huge, public sector organisation where it is practically impossible to make the slightest change has been incrediably frustrating I have become so tired with the lack of time I have and how difficult it often is to see people as the day job and the stresses that it brings me means that I don’t feel that I could book appointments on most of the days that I work.

I went part time a while ago but this didn’t really help that much as I have been trying to pack five days work into three and I have also been studying as well as working on several of my own business ideas. I leave work on 30th and from then on plan to live the life I long for, I am looking forward to focusing on my own business ventures, continuing my studies, being less stressed and being more flexiable with regards to meeting naughty people  🙂

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