My Sexy Secret Life

A Perfect Friday Afternoon

I was getting more and more horny. I was meeting a new client at 3pm and I just couldn’t wait. I had been celibate for at least 37 hours. Far too long! I’d had a business meeting (for my own business, not the day job) in the morning which had ended at 12.30pm with a good result. My good mood only fuelled my desire. I dressed in sexy lingerie and to fill some time I fucked myself with my favourite toy however it didn’t help very much, I needed to be fucked by a man, not a toy. I paced, the clock ticked and my time for fun got closer.

We chatted, getting to know each other. He was a lovely man and set the pace and mood. Gentle kisses became more urgent, clothes were shed and my desire was fuelled with a licking that left me dizzy and panting…my first orgasm with more to come… our bodies joined, his cock in my soaking wet pussy and our arms and legs wrapped around each other. As usual I was extremely sensitive and shuddered my way through several orgasms as he fucked me. I can’t help it. Sometimes I feel embarassed as I cannot help but twitch and shudder with enjoyment and I tend to swear too…”fuck, fuck, fuck” is a favourite followed by “oh god”, swearing and blaspheming – I am a bad girl, I’m not sure that I’ll go to heaven however I strongly suspect that I’d prefer the life I am living now anyway!!! We both agreed that this was the perfect way to spend an afternoon as we enjoyed each other.

He asked me to suck his cock and I enjoyed kissing and licking his thighs and balls before taking his cock in my mouth. He invited me to climb on top and I rode him with pleasure as he started to ease a finger into my arsehole, checking that this was ok….it was more than ok, it was lovely and I whispered in his ear that he could fuck me there as well, if he wanted to. He smiled, and said “not yet” we smiled and continued to enjoy our afternoons passions. Then he decided it was time to fuck my arse. He lubed up. I lay on my front, holding my arse cheeks apart, a good view he commented as he eased his cock into my tight arsehole, it felt so deliciously rude and hurt at first but I like that, I like slowly submitting to a good buggering slow at first then more urgent. I can’t take anal once I’ve cum so tend to hold off until I know my partner will, I told him this and he promised that we could cum together. His thrusts got harder and I played with my clit cumming hard, in close time to his orgasm, I felt a gorgeous, intense mix of clitoral and anal orgasm, it was very, very naughty and much more than nice 😉 I am a very lucky girl!!

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