My Sexy Secret Life

Naughty PA Interview

Today I was to interviewed as a ‘naughty PA’, a meeting to test not just my office based competencies but also my negotiation and influencing skills 😉 It was a two part interview, an informal ‘chat’ about my work life in general followed by a ‘demonstration of skills, assets and experience, with particular emphasis as to how I would seduce clients into signing contracts’…. I was a little nervous at interview. I was asked some very in depth questions about all sorts of areas of my experience, even my times as an adult actress! I was asked to remove my suit and complete my interview in lingerie. I must admit that I found it very horny! I was then asked to give a practical demonstration of my skills.

I suggested that perhaps I would offer a stressed out client a massage in their hotel room. My interviewer agreed, stripped but seemed much more interested in kissing….who was I to complain? He suggested I stroke his balls to relax him but a girl like me prefers to lick rather than stroke and soon I was licking his balls…mmmm… well what else could I do next BUT suck his cock? Slow and soft in my wet mouth, bringing him to a climax. He tasted good. I hoped I’d passed the first stage.

It seemed I had as once he’d recovered he took my sensitive breasts to his mouth, making my skin turn to goose pimples then moved lower to tease my inner thighs. I couldn’t wait for his tongue on my clit. Oh then it was, lovely, firm and sure. Long hard strokes and then a gentle finger sliding it’s way inside me….how was I meant to withstand that for long!!?? I came hard. All sensitive I couldn’t take anymore licking. I was shuddering all over the place. My man laughed, said he hadn’t believed what he’d read about me being so sensitive…thought it was an exaggeration…in my case no…what I write is true! We finished off with a delicious fuck…am I lucky girl or am I a lucky girl??

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