My Sexy Secret Life

An office date

Last Friday afternoon I visited a lovely client at his office. He greeted me at the station, both of us smart, wearing suits (and in my case also stockings, high heels and no knickers). We walked back to his office together and he kept to my pace as I walked in high heels (I am always very impressed by this as many men stride ahead paying no attention and I simply cannot keep up!). Once his office door was closed we shared wine and stories, getting comfortable in each others company.

The kisses that followed were tender and our clothes appeared to melt away. My gentleman insisted that he pleasured me first and he proved to be quite the expert. I clamped my hand firmly over my mouth so as not to make a sound but he laughed and said it should be ok, as long as I didn’t get too loud, I tried not to. I am not sure how noisy I was in the end, I lost myself and recovered dizzy in his arms, sipping wine, sharing more stories.

We passed a very pleasant and intimate afternoon together and at one point I found myself being buggered over a desk, a fantasy I have had for many years 😉 I studied the tired and grumpy faces on the train home, mine was graced by a smile that lasted long into the weekend.

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