My Sexy Secret Life

A most indignant parrot

This week is the most frustrating week in my calendar month -the one in which I get no sexual pleasure… unless you count pleasuring yourself which I really don’t, I’d much rather play with others although I have resorted to it a few times of late. To cool the fevers of my mind and body I thought I’d take a walk through the park at the end of my road to relax me. At the entrance of the park there is a lake and I stood beside it, taking in the peacefulness and beauty of the place.

I was enjoying the sites of nature and the sun glinting off the water until the air was filled with high pitched squawking. I looked around for the reason behind the noise, half expecting to rush to the aid of a bird being tortured by a cat and it took a while for me to locate the owner of such a sound, he was well camouflaged in his bright green feathers against the green leaves of a tree that I was standing in front of – several feet above me perched a parrot. He had puffed out his chest so much that his feathers must have been standing on end and as I looked up it seemed as though he was directing his attention at me. Perhaps he was, I stood for several minutes taking in what I found to be a quite an amusing site.

It’s a little known fact that this part of London is teaming with wild parrots, and according to my research the number of wild parrots living in England is rising at 30% per year, being a lover of nature I am delighted that these lovely green creatures are choosing to live in my local park – I find their colour and squawking so very cheerful!

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