My Sexy Secret Life

The importance of adult play

In my hugely stressful and ‘important’ job as a project manager, I slowly but surely lost my enjoyment of every day life. Instead of enjoying the sunshine in the morning streaming through my window it was a bitter reminder that it was time to get up (and more than likely I was already a little late) and run around my flat drinking as much coffee as possible before jumping on to the packed train with no seats and some inconsiderate person’s music choice’s being blasted in my ears; and that guy in the corner coughing everywhere spreading his germs; before finally getting to the office, late even if I left early because for some reason, that we are never told about; we have waited for 20 minutes just outside of London Bridge before being able to get off.

I worked in a wonderful part of London, just by the river but I could have been anywhere, as the only place I saw was ‘pret’ if it was my turn to go, otherwise I would spend the day in my office or at various meetings that never seemed to resolve very much.

Outside of work I was obsessed with work, I never switched off. I got more and more stressed and the worst thing was it wasn’t even paying my bills. So, like many girls in my position I turned to escorting. I didn’t expect to enjoy it really, but as I have always had a very high sex drive I thought I’d do ok.

From the start I loved it. As time went on it seemed silly to continue the day job I hated, when I had a lovely part time job that I’d like to dedicate more time to and various hobbies that I’d like to pursue more seriously to generate more income and lots of things I’d like to study. So I did it. I quit the day job. This is not a choice I’d advise for many BUT I do love what I do and it’s giving me the time and space to re educate myself and follow paths that I feel are genuinely right for me.

So I’ll finally come to my point!! Why am I here? Because I love to play and I think adult play is so, so important. Modern society places such demands on us that I feel we should be able to loose ourselves to love making and to fantasy, to naughty scenarios of our choosing, to a few hours where we are special and unique and valued as being so….and that’s why I love escorting because I get to facilitate adult play and so, so enjoy it!!

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