My Sexy Secret Life


I am reading a book called ‘Women on Top’ at the moment. It’s all about women’s most secret fantasies and it’s based on real women’s deepest fantasies, not necessarily things they’d really do but the idea’s that they get themselves off on while playing with themselves. As far as I understand these fantasies were obtained by the books author by interview or written format. It’s a very interesting read though at some points a little too angry feminist for my liking – I adore men and prefer their company to women’s most of the time, I have many more close male friends than I do female.

It’s got me wondering what are men’s deepest wank fantasies? What ideas do they get themselves off on when they really need to cum alone? I’d really love to know…perhaps write a book myself 😉 If you fancy sharing your deepest fantasies with me, I’d love to hear them, I would treat them with total anonymity if I ever did publish…just send me an email titled ‘Fantasy’; I won’t hassle you for a booking, I’d just really love to hear what you think about while you play with yourself, if I am totally honest chances are I’ll be playing with myself once I’ve read them 🙂

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