My Sexy Secret Life

Yes it’s all true…

I have been asked several times recently if I really do get up to all the things I write about in my blog and the answer is yes! I really do have a very high sex drive and as sex is absolutely my favorite activity, I strive to enjoy it in as many different ways as possible! I feel passionately about enjoying life to the max.

Never doubt what you read in my blog – it’s all true and actually, I don’t have time to blog about everything naughty and I also do all the usual day to day things in life too… going to work, studying towards further professional development, catching up with my friends, trying to be a good sister, feeding and cuddling my wonderful cat, swimming, trying my very best not to spend too much money on shoes/clothes/underwear and going to the gym- a horrible place, where I meet my torturer only we don’t call him that – he is a personal trainer….I have managed not to cry …yet!! I just don’t blog about those kinds of things as I didn’t think you’d be very interested…;-)

I have been told that my blog can be intimidating! Please, please don’t be intimidated by my blog! I am warm, friendly and extremely sensitive when it comes to the joys of sex. If you are thinking of making a booking, no need to be nervous but if you are, I can relax you with a fully professional massage … however, be warned there is only a limited amount of time that I can spend in a room with a horny, sexy, naked man before I ensure that things become more than a little bit naughty!

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