My Sexy Secret Life

I’m not bitter!

I have being reading lots of ‘tell all’ escort books of late, to see if I can get some tips as I am always looking at ways to improve the experience that I can give the people who see me. I must say I am extremely disappointed without exception about how clients are described and viewed. It seems that these girls begrudge their clients and I am really not sure why…. I don’t see my clients as ‘punters’ just genuinely decent people to spend time with whom I share a great deal of pleasure and enable me to have a very nice lifestyle for which I am extremely grateful for 🙂

I really enjoy meeting new people, I am very sexual and sensual, I am paid very well for doing something that I love and I am very fond of my regular clients. I am very selective, I don’t ever see some one I haven’t bonded with on some level and I feel very lucky….I could and will at some point re join the ‘real world’ but right now I am having too much fun!!! I feel so incredibly lucky to have found a vocation that suits me so well.

When I first left my day job I had many ideas on how to make a living but I am finding now that escorting suits me just fine! How liberating and exciting to spend quality time with intelligent gentlemen who visit me not just to receive pleasure but also to give it. I also enjoy a lot of free time as I limit my bookings to ensure that I have the energy and passion that my gentlemen deserve. I am tempted to change my profile name to ‘MyPerfectLife’ because right now because I can honestly say that I am living it….!!!

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