My Sexy Secret Life

My sexiest cab ride

I am feeling more than a little bi right now and getting down right frustrated trying to meet a girl through the net! There are sooo many timewasters and I really do wonder why they bother! If I place an ad to meet a girl then it really is because I want to meet a girl and not because I am looking to be entertained by the emails that an ad would bring.

It has made me realise how lucky I have been to have some random, ad hoc times with girls, one of my favourite being with an ex boss on a taxi journey home. I’d always known that she was pretty naughty but I didn’t know quite how naughty until one night when we met and drank far too much white wine together and missed our last train home. As we both lived in South London we thought a shared cab was the best idea and it wasn’t long after we climbed into the cab that she was all over me and ripping my clothes off.

We were driving through the busy streets of central London and she stripped me down to fuck me boots and nothing else before kneeling between my legs and devouring my pussy, I was too horny to stop her but the funniest thing was that the only person who seemed to notice was the cab driver! He begged to join in but we were only into each other that night and the cheeky bugger charged us full fare despite receiving a very naughty show!! She is all settled down now with a lovely man and plans to behave herself, which is a shame as I liked her being naughty however I have some very happy memories 😉

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