My Sexy Secret Life

Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE my life!!??

The guy I saw today was one of my first ever clients. It was last year, probably around this time, if not a little earlier when we met. I was really struggling financially and I hated my job. Out of desperation I turned to escorting to pay my bills because I knew that I couldn’t keep putting them on the credit card(s). I don’t have hugely extravagant tastes but I do love to live alone and living alone in London isn’t cheap. I’ve got a pretty high sex drive and I love fucking strangers so I thought I’d give escorting a go. I’ve always been very independent and being an independent escort appealed to me.

Whenever I choose to tell friends what I really do (because in the end I discovered I loved escorting and gave up my day job to dedicate myself to it) I share my first meeting with him with them. It was perfect. It still is. Today he made me cum with his fingers on my clit and his thumb up my arse. Then he made me cum with a vibe in my pussy and in my arse. Then with his cock up my arse and after that I spent an hour massaging him tenderly. He is a good guy. I feel lucky to have met him and for the life I have now.

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