My Sexy Secret Life

You’ve got ….. junk mail!

Every once in a while I open my junk mail box to check that nothing important has been filtered out. One particular email drew my attention today as it’s title proclaimed: “You’ll function well as a man!” “Really?!!?” I thought to myself…I am not entirely sure that I’d be that convincing, sure I like to don my strap on from time to time … but really??

Me a man, what on earth made the junk mail fairies send me that?? I was so intrigued thinking that perhaps I’ll be offered some wonder hormones that could grow me some man bits (not that I’d want to you understand but wouldn’t it be amazing if such things existed!!??) that I did the one thing which I would never normally do – I allowed my junk mail filter to let me view it… it’s content simply read: “Explode like a volcano in the bedroom” Oh for ****s sake I thought to myself as I hit delete….like I need to be a man to do that???

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