My Sexy Secret Life

It hurts?

My friend is a trained physio and sports massage therapist and I am trained in various massage styles mainly based on deep tissue, swedish and reiki. We both give each other relaxing massages on occasion, which verge on deep while not being overly painful. She has been raving about the massages from a little chinese medicine shop down the road from us for ages and although she described them as excruciating she really rated them.

I was at a loose end the other day and my shoulders were really quite tight. I’d usually go for a sports massage with my hunky gym instructor but it was a last minute choice to have a massage so I booked in for half an hour. I hadn’t really believed my friend when she said how painful the massages were – I thought she was exaggerating!

I soon learnt that she wasn’t and that the phrase ‘it hurts?’ answered in gasps meant that rather than easing off my therapist would go out of his way to make it hurt more!! I have never had a more thorough massage or clicked in so many places but I could feel that I was in expert hands. The massage I received was far better than any remedial massage I have ever had, be it physio, osteo, sports or deep tissue. My shoulders are sore two days later but I swear at least two inches broader and my posture has improved. I am very impressed!!

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