My Sexy Secret Life

Naughty Suitcases

I have just read a blog about a ladies suitcase that ‘leaked’ various naughty items along the pavement without her noticing until some one kindly let her know. It reminded me of my very own ‘suitcase story’! Exhausted after a naughty weekend away, I dragged my suitcase stuffed full of sex toys and lingerie around the Supermarket on the way home, as I knew I had absolutely no food in. I couldn’t wait to get back, put my feet up and settle down on the sofa for a lovely cup of tea.

It was only when I had finally made that cup of tea that I realised I had not brought my suitcase home with me! It was about 20 minutes before the Supermarket closed and I had to run back up the road to get there on time. I went straight to the information desk to see if my suitcase had been found. It had AND the helpful smirking assistants told me that they had needed to investigate it’s contents in order to ascertain whether or not it was a bomb threat…more than slightly dangerous, I would have thought IF, it had indeed turned out to actually BE a bomb, surely it would have been a much better idea to call the bomb squad? However from the looks on their faces I had absolutely no doubt that they HAD looked inside …. I thanked them, walked my (large) wheelie suitcase wearily home and from then on took to internet food shopping

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