My Sexy Secret Life

Country Loving

Those who know me will know quite how hard it is for me to keep up a celibate state, and I have been trying very hard to be ‘pure’ and focus on the more spiritual side of life over the last few, long, long weeks of no sex existence (Month maybe?) however with a strong sex drive such as mine there is only so long that I can keep it at bay.

In the tiny village I am living in right now seducing is highly unadvised. Pretty much everyone is married AND gossip is far worse than anyone from a larger place could imagine (including me!). After catching myself fluttering my eyelashes, blushing and in general maintaining a state of wetness that would be far more suited to niagara falls I thought I better do something about it…

So I did and I think I frightened/delighted the poor boy half to death, so cock hungry was I that I couldn’t even manage the three date rule that applies round here for a little fumble in the woods! I insisted/could not help myself from gobbling his cock in complete abandonment…he was very shocked, and managed to shoot the most delightful load, on recovery muttering the words ‘don’t meet girls like you around these parts’ (with a strong country accent) I explained that things are a little different in London and I don’t think that it will be long until we’ll be rolling around in the hay ………YAY can’t wait!!!!!

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