My Sexy Secret Life

It’s as easy as riding a bike….!!!

‘Country boy’ proved to be a little bit too clingy for my liking so, I am back to being frustrated and treating myself to some very imaginative self loving. Luckily for me, I have a well developed pleasure seeking nature in which to weather out one of my driest (no, not literally in fact most days I am pretty wet!) spells ever ….

As cycling is a popular country pursuit I decided to give it a go and I have discovered a very welcome side effect! Several years ago I treated myself to a little piercing ‘down there’ and pedalling hard up a steep hill, hunched over my bike frame, the pumping of my pedals quite unexpectedly pushed my clit hard against the seam of my jeans, rubbing my little silver ring against the narrow area of the seat saddle, the harder and faster I cycled the better I felt! Although I have never been much of an exercise freak I think I have just worked out the very best way to get fit!

If, as you drive around the west country you see a girl with a huge grin on her face; on a bicycle pedalling furiously or perhaps, pausing at the top of a hill, flushed, panting and seemingly out of breath, you may just have encountered me pleasuring myself in the most discrete of fashions! I now think cycling is quite my favourite thing about the countryside to date, apart from all the lovely scenery of course

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