My Sexy Secret Life

The Sailor Technique (AKA Masturbation)

I have read about Men in the Forces (typically sailors, hence the title of my blog) who without the attention, but in desperate need of womanly charms lie on one arm until it goes numb in order to pleasure themselves and feel like some one else is doing it. I am practising a similar technique. I am really missing the attention of a nice warm, flat/pointed tongue licking my clit, combined with a nice curved finger gently stimulating my g-spot!! So … I am trying to re-create those feelings by myself. Not the easiest of tasks!

I LOVE the combination of both a pointed then a flat tongue in quick succession, swirling round and round my clit with a pointed tongue then mmm a firm flat lick again and again, with a persistent finger rubbing at my G-Spot! In fact it has lead me to wonder whether this popular english nursery rhyme is in fact rather rude!???

Round and round the garden (the lady garden, with a finger or a tongue – is this talking about a clit perhaps!?)
Like a teddy bear. (Like a very naughty man)
One step, two step, (one, finger, two fingers..)
Tickle you under there (G-Spot Stimulation combined with clitoral stimulation OOHH LOVELY!!)

Anyway hopefully I haven’t caused offense with my musings! Back to what I have been up to ….

Very well trimmed finger nails are important, scratches, or the possibility of being scratched is a TOP turn off, so I cut and file before even considering self loving!

I find that a nice flat middle digit is the best ‘pretend tongue’ gently ‘licking’, around and around my clit, then more insistent with lots of lube, so that it’s nice and slippy. A little toy makes up for the lack of g-spot stimulation (mine is to the left, around two; to two and a half inches inside me and easy to feel and find, with a nice curved finger, as it has a very defined texture, different to other areas). I love the combination of both. Hard to recreate by myself! As I get closer to cumming, things become more urgent and I touch myself harder and faster. Once I’ve cum what I would love most of all is to be fucked hard to continue the waves of pleasure for even longer, but failing that I use my dildo to fuck myself and let my imagination take me there!!

All the while though I am enjoying naughty thoughts and ideas …To get myself off I think of many things!

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