My Sexy Secret Life

Embarassed by technology

It has been noted that I been a little quiet on the blog front of late….this is mostly because I been wrestling with technology and any spare time spent between crashes has seen me desperately trying to keep up with my correspondance.

Towards the end of December my 9 month old lap top grew more and cranky and in the end gave up the ghost entirely, crashing completely and responding to no attempts at revival. ‘Luckily’ for me (should a 9 month laptop break!!!???) it was still under warranty so after various attempts at fixing it, it was deemed by telephone experts to be completely broken and I took my frozen laptop back to where it came from.

On the way to the store it slowly dawned on me that I had ALOT of ‘personal’ material starring yours truly that I would be unable to remove. I had to (cringe!!!) explain to the computer repair man that I really needed to have my hard drive wiped. The computer man told me that due to the ‘data protection act’ it was illegal for anyone to look at anything on my laptop and protested that it really wasn’t necessary …I firmly insisted that my drive was wiped… a ‘kind’ friend later said that this would have immediately drawn attention to my laptop and have every male repair man desperately trying to hack into my frozen screen..

Thankfully a friend of mine is very good at technology and some how rigged an old hard drive of mine to my television screen as a back up system while my laptop was in for repair but it is very old and crashes a lot, much to my frustration. Anyway, after 3 weeks my laptop is finally ready and I am picking it up tomorrow… I am hoping that no one managed to get a look at my naughty ‘secrets!’ – I guess I’ll know tomorrow from the reception that I get!!!

I guess that now I have learnt my lesson I’ll keep my laptop cleaner… however this is not the first time that I made this kind of mistake …. you’d have thought I’d have learnt by now! I’ll never forget the ‘bonding’ conversation that my Dad had with an ex of mine over dinner as he gleefully recalled destroying an old hard drive of mine that I had left behind as he feared for it’s contents … they were both in hysterics as they know me far too well … I blushed redder than the reddest beetroot, looked sheepishly at my Mother before joining them in deep belly laughs that left us all in tears …

Anyway my old hard drive is making that whurring noise that I know so well… I fear it has decided that it is time for bed so I am going to post this blog before struggling to get any more use out of it!

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