My Sexy Secret Life

Are there more lesbians in the country?

I cannot be sure whether it is a result of my overly sexual imagination, currently under sexed situation or in fact a state of reality that I seem to be having what I believe to some seriously flirty lesbian situations ….

Maybe the country is a subtle haven for ladies who like ladies but do not enjoy the lesbian scene of clubs and bars in London or just prefer to explore their sexuality more discreetly. However, I do feel that I am being gently flirted with by women much more than I ever felt I was when I was living in London…

I could well be wrong, but today when I saw my doctor to review a little rash on my bottom (gone!!) and some headache pills she’d given me she asked me straight away about the rash and I could have sworn she said, “it’s just what came up on my screen first, not that I am thinking about your peachy bottom!”

Then there is the lady I met at work who seems to be head hunting me for no apparent reason – I don’t have any of the qualifications or experience that I need to work for her but she is trying her best to find me a good job!

My current boss who is said to be ‘that way inclined’ and makes life difficult for pretty much everyone else who works for her, is sweetness and light to me. Maybe I am giving off that girly vibe?!?

I’ll definitely be having some wet dreams/thoughts about my doc though, she is seriously sexy!

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