My Sexy Secret Life

So miss being naughty!

I have come to the conclusion that I am seriously sexually frustrated which, as I think it is now been almost four months since I have even had the briefest flirtation it’s not surprising! But painful as it is, totally necessary as I focus on my future career.

Imaginative masturbation techniques, lesbian fantasies and perhaps the worst of all crimes thinking of sleeping with my ex …. not to mention my wet dreams (as in waking up panting with a very wet pussy!) and recent addiction to babe station (yes, really!) is conclusive evidence.

I am sure that you have plenty ideas on how to help me out in my current situation but unfortunately though my thoughts are frequently full of tumbling naked limbs, passionate embraces and deep sensual kisses it is not possible right now I have lots of lovely memories which I frequently revisit…However, I am living with friends and channelling (most!!) of my energies into forging a new career and lifestyle. But when I’m back, I look forward to easing my frustrated state… right now I dream about it!

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