My Sexy Secret Life

Once a sensualist always a sensualist

Pleasure is hugely important to me as is always striving for happiness, so unlike many of my friends, I am always open to taking huge risks in order to make huge gains. I’m the type of person who will quit their job, leave their lover and move, even to other countries if need be and look for other options if I am unhappy.

I’d got to the point where I wasn’t happy with life in London. I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I knew I wasn’t getting it. While I hugely enjoyed my escort meets, I wasn’t attending to any of my other spiritual, creative and emotional needs. So I took time out. A good escort doesn’t trouble her clients with her problems. So, I moved to the country for time and space.

Now, I’ve had a little rest and a break, I am back on form but taking my time in deciding what I want to do next. A return to AW is unquestionable – I had the best sex of my life and met some amazing people while I was active on this site! But it’s going to take a while to arrange that. For now, I am exploring my sensual and creative side. I don’t think that it’s any coincidence that many of AW finest list massage qualifications and creative pursuits as part of their many attributes, they are sensual people who love to touch others and make them feel better.

While I take what has turned out to be a rather longer sabbatical than I had originally planned, I find the need to explore my senses in other ways apart from sex. To my huge surprise I am one of the best in my art class. And I am learning to cook! Me, previously microwave queen! But I find so much pleasure in cooking amazing food and watching people enjoy it, right now my biggest compliment is people coming back for seconds (and thirds!). My next challenge is cheese soufflé with hollandaise sauce, wish me luck! XxXx

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