My Sexy Secret Life

Being Bad in Berlin

While my trip to Berlin started off with a disappointing anti climax; I can say, with a rueful smile that the rest of my time there was completely and deliciously rude!

Why was my first experience disappointing? Well I’d arrived at the airport without a shred of underwear and I was very much looking forward to a full body search by a hot security guard on my way through airport security. As I watched the rather dull and corporate looking lady ahead of me being thoroughly frisked by a completely stunning young lady, I smiled to myself and I couldn’t wait to take my turn. Unfortunately, I was deemed as completely unsuspicious and waved through without a search

However; the rest of my visit was such a lesson in hedonism that even I am still somewhat overcome by it! The friend I was staying with was also looking after a very sexy, sultry goff type for the first night of my stay in Berlin. She was super hot and I felt flirty vibes but wasn’t sure so did not pursue them. After a night out in a bar completely decked out in pink fur we returned to my friends flat for a night of three way fun which lasted until the very early hours of the next morning. All I am willing to share about the experience is that she tasted delicious and she was very good with her tongue!

The next night we met my friends dear friend and gorgeous, professional female dom at a swingers club. While we shared many adventures that night my most memorable were spent exploring my submissive side with a sexy talented dominatrix who spanked me within an inch of my life (ok I am exaggerating and I didn’t have any bruises!) who made me cum harder than I have in a very long time and allowed me to lick her wonderfully wet pussy. Then we all went home with a hot couple that we’d met in the club and played long into the night … mmmm.

The lovely Dom stayed the rest of the weekend with my friend and I and we shared lots of lovely things; including kisses!!

My last night in Berlin was slightly more sedate, we visited a naked spa with a swimming pool on the roof, it was gorgeous swimming outside in a warm salt water pool over looked by many apartment buildings, I enjoyed watching people on their balconies and wondering whether they were watching me!

It was all together a wonderful trip and I would definately recommend Berlin to anyone with a naughty side!

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