My Sexy Secret Life

I vote to hibernate!

Could it be any colder? Well yes, I am sure it could and probably will be but please, spare a thought for me as you sit at home in your lovely, warm, centrally heated house – my boiler has packed up and my plumber can’t come until next Monday! I know I am lucky, as at this time of year I could be waiting for so much longer but it is so, so, so cold! I am surrounded by snow filled fields, very picturesque but of no comfort!

I am dreaming of a room filled with countless feather duvets, thick woollen blankets, and a roaring open fire with an endless supply of logs! I’d like to sleep for at least twelve hours a day, nibble on tasty winter treats – comforting stews, rich pates, organic roasted vegetables, mulled wine and port, shared with a warm, sexy bed mate…waking only to fuck and eat, share hours of sensuous fun and never leave the bedroom! Apart from candle light baths of course – two warm, hot bodies soaping and stroking each other! Mmmmm!

No chance of that right now! But on the plus side my glass dildo does get deliciously chilled on nights likes these and it feels amazing in my dripping wet, hot pussy …

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