My Sexy Secret Life

Oysters, Aphrodisiacs, Really?

I have never got the whole oyster thing and I have never tried one, but the chances are that I never will! So, I am writing this in complete ignorance, but it’s a state of ignorant bliss that I am very happy to maintain! I must admit, I am not really one for shellfish anyway but I just can’t understand how eating oysters could be sexy, horny or even pleasurable. Is it because it’s similar to the act of swallowing something which tastes salty and is still vaguely alive?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I have heard that the freshest (and best?) oysters are still alive when they slip down your throat, much the same way as some components of semen. Is slipping a freshly shucked oyster down your throat with a gleeful smile and lots of eye contact the socially acceptable way of communicating that “yes, baby I swallow”? Even the IDEA of swallowing a mouth full of gorgeous cum makes me horny, however just contemplating eating an oyster does completely the opposite.. I guess that makes me a cheap date !!

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