My Sexy Secret Life

My New Years Resolutions

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity wish you a wonderful 2011. May it be everything that you could wish for.

And now, I will share with you my three New Years resolutions…..

1. To be more naughty.

Although 2010 started out as a very naughty year my move to the country in June put paid to carnal pursuits and with the exception of:

~One date with a local boy, which at the time was naughty and fun but his stalker like tendencies put me off another date!

~A deliciously wicked weekend in Berlin.

~A very satisfying little jaunt with an ex with whom I am still friends.

The rest of my time has been completely and utterly dry. Sex starved. Almost torture for a woman such as I am. I even lost the charger for my super powered vibrator when I moved! On the up side though, I still have my much loved glass dildo and my sister is buying me a rabbit for my birthday

2. To bed more women.

I very much enjoy the sensual side of women and I fully intend to have more of them in my bed. Luckily for me, I do have a little treat planned for Friday I’m keeping it zipped for now but I do promise to spill all, in hot and dirty detail if what I hope is going to happen, happens!

3. To return to London.

As indecisive as a cat, I have now decided that I am bored of the country and would like to return to London. It may take a while as I am looking for a ‘real’ job. I would like to keep escorting as an exciting and much loved hobby when I get back but I am very excited! There are many people in London who I have missed terribly while I have been away.

So, please wish me luck with my New Years Resolutions and I wish you all the very best with yours xxxx

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