My Sexy Secret Life

Escorting.. Wrong.. Really!?!!

Sometimes I get really tired of the judgements that society makes with absolutely no experience. I have a select group of friends who know about my escorting and other close friends that I have chosen not to tell. But I wish I could. I hate lying. Even amongst my friends who do know, there are many that judge escorting as wrong. They have not been an escort and do not share my appetite for sensual indulgence. What is wrong with doing something that I love? And why can’t people understand that my clients aren’t bad people and in many cases are very dear and respected friends?

In every other profession I could be proud of doing my ‘job’ well. Some how, somewhere, something has gone wrong in this society and I don’t think that it’s me. I love sex, I enjoy it as the ultimate recreational activity. My ‘sucessful’ friends are often too tired to make love to their partners. I wouldn’t want to be in that position. But then there’s me judging in retaliation for the fact that I will be judged if exposed.

One of the most stressful things for me and I am sure for my clients is that other people might guess, judge and condemn. Finding the right place to meet people is extremely important to me, so that we can be relaxed. Keeping secrets is really hard. But escorting from home has it’s own problems, even if you don’t have nosy neighbours ….

Stalkers – a horror story that I am very lucky never to have experienced but other escort friends of mine have. I hope that I am not tempting fate! The stalker. The guy who threatens to expose. If only this society was a little more liberal you could report such behaviour to the police. Sometimes worse things happen and again luckily I have never happened to me, I have been threatened with the tax man but I pay my taxes so no worries there. However, if you are a regular blog reader on AW bad things do happen to some escorts on occasion. Who wants to get involved with the police as a working girl? With CRB checks becoming more and more necessary in the job market you just don’t want ‘prositute’ on your record.

It’s not just escorting though. I’ve often had to keep my sex life a secret because I knew that if I didn’t I’d be judged a whore, slut, tart, slag … the words don’t hurt it’s the implications that I am a defective human being that hurts (call me a dirty bitch as you pull my hair & fuck my arse and my pussy will flood!). If I was known to be ‘easy’ in a professional corporate capacity then it’s likely that I would be a joke amongst my colleagues and over looked for promotion.

Yes, I am different but am I wrong?

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