My Sexy Secret Life

In anticipation….

So, tomorrow I have a hot ‘date’ or perhaps you could call it ‘dates’ as two sexy friends, a boy and a girl are coming to visit me. I am very excited and I can’t tell you whether the idea of tasting pussy or cock is more or less exciting than the other.

I can’t wait to get my tongue around the delicious muskiness of the female sex but equally mmm I will have a cock to play with. Both are such lovely things to think about.

Just like Christmas presents they will come all wrapped up and I get to strip them of their disguises and enjoy them. I feel like a very lucky girl indeed.

I hope she brings a strap on as I would love to fuck her as I am getting fucked up the arse and visa versa. I’d also love to spend time worshipping her pussy with my man friend.

I’d love to suck his cock with her. I’d love him to take turns in pleasuring us, as she and I kiss and tease each others nipples. That’s just the beginning! What a lovely way to spend a friday night!

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