My Sexy Secret Life

Seeing the Doctor

Like anyone who takes their sexual health seriously, I went for my tests today. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those girls who offers bb, never have, never will. But I still feel that it is very important to ensure that nothing is left to chance. I will always test regularly even though I ensure that all my encounters are totally safe.

I HATE waiting for my tests, and today I waited for an hour and a half. But I was eventually called and greeted by a very sexy (nurse/doctor not sure how qualified they need to be?) lady. The usual questions were asked and answered with my standard lies, I have learnt that it is better this way… I always say that “I have just met a new partner and I want to ensure that we have the all clear'”. After the usual quiz she asked me to remove my clothes and lay on the couch, my pussy exposed, I did exactly as requested. But then she continued to ask questions as I lay there, naked from the waist down.

Eventually she got round to roughly pushing a spectulum inside me, no lube to ease it in. Then she went back to her notes again. I was getting turned on. Having my pussy stretched felt good. She was completely in control and she knew it. Then came the blood test, I think she enjoyed that too. She took a good twenty minutes finding the right vein as she held me, my hand craddled to her breasts. But that was fine – it didn’t hurt and I liked the fact that she was completely in charge. It turned me on and as trips to the doctors go I’d rate it ten out of ten!

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