My Sexy Secret Life

I am looking for like minded ladies…XxXx

The secret life of an escort can sometimes be a lonely place and while it’s full of adventures, I’d like to meet some one who may not be quite like me but has a similar out look on life.

I am looking for:

Escort friends, girl next door/artistic types who’d prefer a girly dinner in a nice restaurant or a walk along the river or a trip to a nice art gallery to hardcore sessions at the gym or big nights out clubbing.

First and foremost, I am looking for like minded friends. Whether or not we were looking for anything more. Being cool with who you are and what you do is the most important thing.

Ideally, like me, you’ll have soft feminine curves and enjoy the more sensual aspects of life, you like to kiss and indulge your clients senses leaving them feeling all warm and tender.

Perhaps this is just hopeless dreaming but I hope not I am looking to find one or two or even three like minded ladies to make friends with and maybe (but by no means necessarily) play with.

As they say don’t ask, don’t get!

Wish me luck! xxxx

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