My Sexy Secret Life

I am so sorry I am late! (Though I’m not really!)

Have you ever been ridiculously late just because you simply could not stop touching yourself? I am usually an extremely punctual person but yesterday, I woke up feeling so horny and it felt so good playing with myself, that I just couldn’t get out of bed for a full two hours.

Half way through, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with the days obligations and I made a quick call and an excuse for my poor punctuality. Then, I lay in bed fucking myself into complete and utter sensual ecstasy. I lay back and let sweet waves of pleasure engulf me again and again until, I just couldn’t take any more. I was too sensitive to touch but my clit continued to throb throughout the day as I beamed from ear to ear! “Sorry, I’m late” I said, when I eventually did what I was meant to be doing. But I didn’t really mean it! I wasn’t sorry at all!

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