My Sexy Secret Life

Sexual Chemistry

There is something so powerful about desire that should not, must not and will not be expressed. That tenuous bond between two people who know that they would love to go to bed and that it would be good, lovely in fact if it did actually happen. I am enjoying playfully flirting with the builder who is ‘doing some work’ on the house right now. We’ve got chemistry, it’s clear that we both feel it and I also think that he is a lovely person. However he is in a relationship, with a child and very good friends with my house mates.

Rather than feeling frustrated (which is surprising and quite unlike me) I am enjoying the unspoken bond that we have between us. I can’t admit to being entirely saint like, I have caught myself on more than one occasion eyeing up his extremely pert builders bum and well, thinking of fucking him as I fuck myself but still I am being good and enjoying our sexual tension

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