My Sexy Secret Life

I’m a very bad girl!

Why am I bad? Simply because I have a very different view on life, beyond the status quo. I am not ‘normal’ and I have no wish to be! I am blessed or cursed with a very sweet nature and innocent looks. I have been told that I look like a girl who goes to church every Sunday but just might have a naughty secret.

In truth I have a very deviant nature. I am a natural hedonist. To experience joy, happiness and horny times in life, for me is where it’s at. Let others get all serious and have stressful lives. I don’t believe that life has to be stressful. It’s a choice. I could get up early and go to work. I’d rather get up early and masturbate! Or maybe fuck. I like to play with myself in the morning. To fuck in the afternoon. And/or in the evening after dinner.

I don’t like being stressed by some stupid job that doesn’t mean anything, that is just clocking up the years of my life. That’s why I love being an escort!

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