My Sexy Secret Life

Valentines Day – bah humbug!

Well, let me start by wishing you all a wonderful Valentines Day although, technically I am a little late as it is gone 1am in the morning so it is now the 15th of Feb. Sorry about that. Now, I am going to share why I don’t really celebrate it (but thanks to all of you that sent me Valentines well wishes!).

I used to feel quite strongly about Valentines Day, as a single lady hoping for anonymous cards or a girlfriend expecting dinner and flowers. However, these days, it seems to me that if a relationship is truly special it doesn’t need marking with a decided day.

Relationships are either good or bad and you reap the rewards of good ones every day that you are in them. To force the matter is un natural and as I walked through a busy area of london tonight, packed with bars and restaurants, I saw many couples sitting together in what appeared to be awkward silence. I wondered why they bothered. Obligation I guess. That is never sexy. I prefer being single and seeing rude and sexy friends.

God help me if I have to ever sit in a crowded restaurant filled with silent couples watching each other. I’d rather have fun being a naughty escort!

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