My Sexy Secret Life

What ever happens to Estate Agents?

I can’t help but notice that every estate agency is filled with bright young things that appear to be no older than thirty and I have to wonder, what happens to them once they have made the big three oh? Why are they all so young? I know many people can’t stand them but I actually quite like estate agents.

Yes, you know that they are out to make as much money for themselves as humanly possible and they will screw you any way they can (sorry to any estate agents reading this!) but they aren’t hiding anything, they are blatant and brazen with their sales techniques and because I like them I have got some amazingly good deals. And they tend to be charming and handsome too but too young for me to consider anything other than flirting. I like the older man, he knows what to do with a woman’s body. Young boys just like to pump, and don’t get me wrong, I love to be fucked but I also want a man who knows how a clitoris works (mine has a little piercing to give you extra hints!).

However; I had just the best chat up line from a gorgeous young estate agent today, freshly fucked and all a glow, I drifted past his office and just as I was leaving it, he popped out of the door! He asked me “Are you looking for a property to rent?” “I might be”, I said, “tell me more” “Well” he said “it’s my bedroom” “Oh lovely” I said “how much is it?” “Oh not much” he replied “just £5 a week” “where is it?” I responded “Harrow” he replied “Oh, I said, I’m really sorry but I don’t like Harrow” we exchanged smiles and naughty winks and I continued my walk to the station!

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