My Sexy Secret Life

Happy Hookers

I’d enjoyed reading the blogs of a fellow lady  for a while and I thought that she sounded lovely, so I dropped her a line to see if she fancied meeting up. Luckily for me she said yes! It was great to meet her, a totally cool, sexy and down to earth lady with a very similar view of the ‘work’ that we do, you can find under the name of RealLoverExperience or dollymopp should you choose to look (and I really would look if I were you!).

It’s so refreshing to meet some one, who like me loves what she does and has chosen to do it for that very reason. Although my friends outside the scene try to understand (I have mostly given up lying about what I do so the majority of my friends do know!) it’s great to to talk to some one who knows exactly what it’s like, and how lucky we are to have found our perfect occupation!

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