My Sexy Secret Life

A Gun to Your Head

Quick, quick you must decide what the one sexual act which you may perform for the rest of your life is NOW! Or I pull the trigger!!

A little question I put to a recent date…Oh no! Don’t hesitate, you can’t. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Now rest assured I didn’t really have a gun! Just a loaded question. One I myself find hard to answer. Putting myself in the same place; buggery, fucking, oral, wanking (myself, some one else, or lying side by side sharing how we touch ourselves) instantly come to mind.

But I think I’d give the cheats answer. Oral, giving, receiving, to men and women to include fingers and hopefully rimming. Not that I wouldn’t miss being fucked but if I had the choice between nothing and oral (on my above terms!) that would be my answer…

So…what would yours be…?

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