My Sexy Secret Life

Book Tokens

I remember, as a very surly teenager being given a book token by my sisters god father. It was a very nice gesture indeed as he really didn’t need to get me anything, on account of him not being my god father and my god parents (much to my delight) never gave either of my sisters anything!

 Anyway. I thought it was quite possibly the worst present in the world. Until I took it to the book shop and happened upon a little book of victorian erotica. It was quite possibly the most loved, most cum stained and most read book in the entire world by the time it fell to pieces a few years later It inflamed in me a love of erotic literature and years upon years of fantasies and fantasy enactments. In fact further reading even lead me to choose my current adult work profile name!

I remember some parts very well, virgin ‘quims’ being shown the delights of orgasm, buggery as a form of contraceptive where the lady pretends to be disgusted but is secretly delighted, in depth descriptions of how to give the perfect blow job (and ‘horrified’ girls being made to give them), group sex, harems (I dreamed of being in a bi sexual harem for many years as a consequence!) endless streams of sperm and light bdsm. But, Ohhh, big sigh….I only wish now that I could remember that books name now

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