My Sexy Secret Life

A Very ‘Bad’ Day at The Office

Having managed quite sometime ago to escape the land of offices and desks and photocopiers that never work and seem to eat things that you shouldn’t have been photo copying only to regurgitate them at the worse possible moment and always getting caught in the kitchen with the office bore when the three minutes it takes the kettle to boil seems like an eternity in a version of hell where you are being bored to death and never dying! Then there is the PA that creates far more work than they could ever help you with but seemed good on paper and interviewed very well…

Not to mention computers which eat your very important presentation for the board at 8am tomorrow minutes before you are about to go home (very late) and while you pull out your hair and try desperately not to scream and throw the damned computer out of the window (preferably falling directly on the office bores head and killing them stone,cold, dead) a very ‘helpful’ colleague asks… “Did you save it?” Is there any more annoying question when your whole days work has just vanished before your very eyes?(How hard is it not to punch them!?!) And you did save it, you just know you did but it turns out that you were working on a version attached to an email and even though you thought you’d pressed the right buttons it didn’t quite work…….and of course the internet has eaten it and after 45 minutes on the phone to IT trying to recover it all they can actually say is the politically correct version of computer says no….

Anyway. Sorry, little rant over there! I hope I haven’t bored you too much so far and you haven’t run away! Juicy bits coming I promise….
I did have some fun times in the office. Oh yes! I did. I had an affair What better way to pass the day or use ones office for other than carnal delight? So anyway, as I have already mentioned I no longer have an office … but offices do hold a certain degree of intrigue and excitement for me.

So, I was absolutely delighted when a lovely regular of mine invited me to his office. He is a naughty (and extremely talented) man with a fair few tricks up his sleeves and he laid me on his desk and after he was satisfied that I was almost blown away by his attentions he lifted my legs and proceeded to bugger me senseless. He is after all a very nice man and he knew that was exactly what I wanted

So… well, I was thinking …. perhaps I should rent an office just for fun!?
I mean, it would hardly be suspicious would it? Men and women (perhaps both together!) coming to see me wearing office clothes and of course I’d be wearing office clothes. It’s what people do in offices isn’t it? Have meetings? I think it would have to be in the evenings on account of the noise, but I think it would be very nice indeed. We could even go for a few drinks beforehand, perhaps I could be seducing my client into making a deal? I am sure that it happens all the time in real life anyway so why not play lets pretend?

Well, please let me know if you are interested and I will look into finding myself a nice, little discrete office space

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