My Sexy Secret Life

Well it just feels so right….

Today my ex boss texted me and told me to buy a newspaper. There was a full page spread in a national newspaper on the project which I had sweated, almost literally blood, sweat and tears on… Don’t worry about the blood – I have a fairly high pain threshold and I only noticed it when my dear office mate drew my attention to the fact that my feet were actually bleeding – it had been a long day and I had worn heels through out in an attempt to seem important! Blood was dripping down my ankles.. but hey that was just how dedicated I was! Then came the day that I had completed my project and I could have stayed on or freelanced but I didn’t want to, you see I had found the world of escorting and despite promises of bigger and better projects, pay rises and promotions none of it really mattered anymore.

While I am extremely happy that my work has been recognised, I am even happier to spend my afternoons in my lovers arms, for example today I was with a lovely client who means the world to me. I meet truly lovely people all the time, no politics, no stress, just making love….Is there a better way to spend ones life?

I just love being an escort, it is the only ‘job’ that I have ever truly enjoyed!

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