My Sexy Secret Life

Why I love the word CUNT

CUNT sounds rude

PUSSY sounds boring

VAGINA sounds clinical

SLIT sounds well, just nasty I could go on….

CUNT sounds like COCK and FUCK and TITS and ARSE!

All words that I like. Not like actually, love. I know it’s not the ‘nicest’ of words but sex words aren’t meant to be ‘nice’ surely? Shouldn’t they be NAUGHTY and RUDE like the act itself? Good sex to me is uninhibited, not restricted by words that we should or shouldn’t say. Not that I need dirty talk to get me off, I am more of a moaner really but even so, when asked what I wanted I would never say:

 “I’d love your penis in my vagina” It’s just not sexy, no!?!


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