My Sexy Secret Life

Fantasy Play – A Journey Into Submission

I have been indulging my submissive side somewhat of late. I only ever do this with lovers that I trust implicitly, however I am lucky enough to have a few.

Courtesy of a dear and long term lover, I now own a set of spreader bars, and a gorgeously girly whip. He wanted to see if I’d cum harder if I couldn’t close my legs, hard to say really, I did cum hard though that isn’t unusual with him! He also treated me to a good whipping. Treat, i hear you say? Well that is a funny description isn’t it, but true. Not hard enough to hurt too much or mark just enough to let me drift away into the wonderful land of submission, a place that we both enjoy together, with trust, respect and endless curiosity. What I most enjoy about our play is that even after 2 years it is always different, always fun and always leaves me with a long lasting smile. Yes, I am fond! Very fond. With him it is always new and fresh, amazing really when you think about how long we have know each other but he is infinitely creative.

Then there was my man from Paris. I feel he is testing me, exploring my boundaries carefully and skilfully. This is the only kind of man that I will submit to, and like the lover I have described before some one for whom I have infinite respect, trust and fondness. It is something which is not given freely, trust is paramount. With him, it is almost like enacting scenes from some of my favourite erotic books and even though we haven’t known each other long he has taken care to read and absorb so many things about my profile that the things he knows about me, and the way he uses them in play is just amazing.

I also had an ‘interview’ where I was expected to answer questions wearing a butt plug and using my ‘magic wand’ on my clit. Needless to say it was probably the worst interview I have ever done, but in my defence, how the hell was I meant to concentrate on the questions, let alone my answers!? It was fun though and I loved it!

I’d like more encounters of this kind, more men who can use me and test my will against theirs, lead me into the world of submission with a tender hand and a dirty mind….XxXx

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