My Sexy Secret Life

Naughty words

My lover grinned broadly having fucked me in my pussy and arse and sighed mmm “baker street”, some what perplexed I asked what he meant.. “you know; bakerstreet where you can change from the pink line to the brown one!” So I am enlightened and amused and I thought I might share some other naughty phrases which you may not have heard….

Almond…. any guesses? What if I were to tell you that it was rhyming slang “Almond Rock” well of course it means cock!

Winnie She/he who licks the honey pot…

Owner Operator One who satisfies himself/herself.

Bearded Clam another (rather apt I think!) word for lady bits!

Bulldog eating porridge a lady whose pussy is full of cum, originating from Shakespeare’s Henry IV “Lo, I see my ladies’ bull dog hath been eating porridge again”.

I could go on… but I suspect that you may well have had enough!??

If not, please do say… I have plenty more!

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