My Sexy Secret Life

Pineapple Juice Experiment

After reading and being told that pineapple juice sweetens the male juices, I was curious to try it. Luckily a dear friend and client agreed to join me in an experiment to see whether pineapple juice really does sweeten the ‘juices of love’. Although we both presumed that it was an old wives tale we had it on good authority that it really did work. It didn’t seem fair that only he drank pineapple juice so for three days before our date we both drank a litre a day.

The conclusions of our experiment are:

a) Drinking too much pineapple juice in one go gives one a stomach ache and/or acid indigestion.

b) Drinking pineapple juice does not change the taste of a ladies juices.

c) Drinking pineapple juice marginally sweetens the taste of gentleman’s juices but not enough to warrant drinking it for three days.

d) Neither of us will be drinking pineapple juice for a very long time!

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